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We believe by working together, we can accomplish much more than we can on our own. Use your voice to help raise awareness about water safety education in our community. Let us use our expertise to make our community safer, while you come alongside us by sponsoring a program. When you support the FWDPC, your gift is going directly to serving our community through in-water skills training, dry land education, virtual classes, water safety tools and equipment that help families stay safe in and around water.

We Educate

The FWDPC leverages expertise and resources to provide water safety education at various locations across Fort Worth. When the venue of the event is a pool, both in-water skills training and water safety education will be provided. When the venue is dry-land only, water safety education will be the emphasis, with encouragement to participate in a future event that includes in-water skills training. Our model strives to make a generational impact, focusing not only on educating children, but also providing parents and caregivers with tools to help keep their families safe in and around water.

We Prevent

This week has been an exciting, exhilarating, scary, event of wonderful challenges; all of which have been accomplished so far.  These classes have been like a puzzle. You connect one piece together slowly with the other as you learn and then putting it all together you form a picture. Practice, it is found is the key. Personal events and life for this week have been functioning around the drowning prevention classes.   One looks forward to what the next week holds.  Reviewing what is learned and incorporating the new is so soothing. Just can't wait to see "My Finished Product".

- Melvis Anderson, Downtown YMCA

I can't put into words precisely how much this organization changed me as a mother.  I owe ya'll a lifetime of debt!

- Danielle Warren, volunteer

Thank you everyone for doing this amazing program.  I will live my fears for the water away i was a great swimmer until i watch someone drowning when i was 9 years old am going to try because i want to be able to save my children's if they in trouble or save someone else if they need my help am so glad that i take the classes and my next step is to live my fears for water away and be the good swimmer i was before this bad tragedy thank you again Mrs. Pamela god bless you all.

- Antonia Ferriss, Westside YMCA

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