Our students and their achievements are the greatest gifts.

I can't put into words precisely how much this organization changed me as a mother.  I owe yall a lifetime of debt!  Danielle Warren, volunteer

 This week has been an exciting, exhillerating, scarey, event of wonderful challenges; all of which have been accomplished so far.  These classes have been like a puzzle. You connect one piece together slowly with the other as you learn and then putting it all togetheryou form a picture. Practice, it is found is the key. Personal events and life for this week have been functioning around the drowning prevention classes.

 One looks forward to what the next week holds.  Reviewing what is learned and incorporating the new is so soothing. Just can't wait to see "My Finished Product".  Melvis Anderson, Downtown YMCA

You guys are awesome, thanks for the helpful information, and everything you do for the community , I hope that you keep doing this amazing job. Have a wonderful summer.   Yoly Perez, Westside YMCA

I could not have asked for a better teacher.  She is very personable, encouraging and comfortable to work with. As I have noticed, all of the instructors have a very calming effect on the students. They are so polite. The life guards are also encouraging.


Thank you everyone for doing this amazing program.  I will live my fears for the water away i was a great swimmer until i watch someone drowning when i was 9 years old am going to try because i want to be able to save my children's if they in trouble or save someone else if they need my help am so glad that i take the classes and my next step is to live my fears for water away and be the good swimmer i was before this bad tragedy thank you again mrs pamela god bless you'll all  Antonia Ferriss, Westside YMCA

I really wanted to take a moment to thank you and your volunteers.  Today I was expecting great information during the parent class, but I wasn't expecting my heart to be impacted the way it was tonight.  Those women who shared their stories with so much courage will forever be heroines to me and I am sure to many many more...all because they decided to stand up and share their tragedies and pour their emotions out.  It hurts to know that there are many moms out there suffering and grieving for the loss of their child.  I can't imagine that feeling.....  And it saddens me to see that it takes someone else to lose their son and to come and look me in the eye and share their story for me to have this epiphany.  That is why I consider them heroines.  By them sharing their own stories, they are saving many childrens' lives.  I know that tonight's lesson hit my heart and mind right on target.  And I know that I'm not the only one that felt that way.  Thank you so much for bringing them to be our teachers.  I will forever hold them in my heart and prayers.  With much respect and admiration to your program, Veronica Vasquez, Westside YMCA

The life changing lessons your coalition have taught my kids are priceless and I am very grateful to you all for that. L. Gaitan, Westside YMCA

My grand children used the life jackets and took swimming lessons last year because of this program. God bless.  B. Garcia, Eastside YMCA

My oldest child received a life jacket and loves it.  We are trying to keep him from becoming dependent on it however, he is still gaining confidence and skills in the water.   The life jacket is of excellent quality and is holding up well.  I have 3 yr old twins and I'd like to sign them up for the swim safetly classes as well.  It is very hard watching 3 small kids at the pool even with another helper, the jacket helps.  Your class is well appreciated and informative not only for the children, but safetly lessons for parents.  Thank you.  J. Munoz, Village of Woodland Springs

I think what you all are doing with this program is amazing!  Kristin Bell, Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation

I took this classes and their help me alot. I hope their group grow. Thanks to the team for making all these happened. I'm not scared to water anymore…!! great job!!!  CHuitzacua, East Side YMCA

Hi! I just have to tell you how impressed I am with your program! Tyler swam about 30 feet unassisted yesterday to pass the swim test at Northpark YMCA so he can now go on their big slide. Maybe it's just age (he just turned 7), but last year he did 20 weeks of lessons at AquaKids ($300+) and didn't make the kind of progress that he's made in 5 sessions with your program. His confidence and self esteem  is through the roof after going down the Y slide about 50 times yesterday. With 3 little kids, going to the pool has always been stressful, even with life jackets. Your program has helped take a lot of stress off of me!! -Woodland Springs HOA parent

Thank you all for all you did for our kiddos! We are very grateful! - Woodland Springs HOA parent

Hi, My kids were in the VOWS program a few weeks ago and you all spoiled us so much that I'm less-than-impressed with the swim lessons we are currently taking. - Woodland Springs HOA parent