We are proud to say that we have made thousands of our neighbors safer. But despite the many successes below, we will not rest until drownings are a thing of the past.

1,103 non-swimmers now safer in and around water.

Increased accessibility to water safety & swim lessons in Fort Worth.  Program ethnicity:  50% Hispanic, 29% African-American, 17% Caucasian, 3% Asian, 1% Other

80% of students demonstrate comfort in the water by the conclusion of class.

651 learn-to-swim scholarships awarded following successful completion of drowning prevention classes

1,103 life jackets distributed. 6-month post survey revealed 100% retention of PFDs and 90% of recipients had had reason to use the life jackets.

Parent/caregiver education to 3,748 community members who have now become our ambassadors for water safety within their own network of family & friends.

Drowning is a community problem requiring a community response. Our grassroots efforts to date have engaged 440 volunteers for >6,000 hours on deck and approximately 2,000 advisory board hours.

99.7% of volunteers reported in a post-survey the desire to volunteer in the future.

Roughly 1/3 of the volunteers we have trained are young adults who have learned life-long teaching skills and were seen as role models by young students.

67 print, radio & television interviews raising water safety awareness including the New York Times.

Multiple speaker requests, including one international request, to share our unique model of community collaboration.

National Drowning Prevention Alliance, National Community Lifesaver Award 2015.

Certificate of Recognition from Fort Worth Mayor & City Council, Sept 2015.